Tour Shopping Places of Jaipur

Some of Jaipur’s best shopping experiences are to be found in city’s old bazaars. These are located in the walled city, around the two main blocks called the Badi and Chhoti Chaupar. Visit them for a first-hand experience of the city’s long-standing tradition of craftsmanship, and to get schooled in the art of bargaining while you’re at it.
1. Johari Bazaar
Jaipur market
Also known as the jeweler’s market, Johari Bazaar consists of rows upon rows of jewelery shops.
2. Tripolia Bazaar
Hotel in Jaipur
Situated close to the City Palace and Chhoti Chaupar, this is the best place to purchase iron, stainless steel and brass utensils.
3. Chandpol Bazaar
chandpole Bazar
This is where all the creativity happens. The city’s marble workers and painters go to work at Khazane Walon ka Raasta and create some of the most spectacular works of art.
4. Kishanpol Bazaar
Kishanpol Bazaar
Situated next to Choti Chaupar, this market is popularly known as the go-to place for textiles and wooden furniture.
5. Sireh Deori Bazaar
Sireh Deori Bazaar
Located opposite the city’s famous Hawa Mahal, the Sireh Deori is the main bazaar which leads from the western gate of the city walls past the city palace to the eastern city. Places to Visit in Jaipur, Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan knows as pinkcity. This Beautiful city along with Agra and Delhi known as the Golden Triangle of Indian tourist circuit.